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** Disclaimer: actual product may vary slightly from the images shown.

White Garden 

Black Garden

Fruitwood Garden

Natural wood garden chair.jpg

Natural Garden

      White Samsonite
   Wedding Grade - $1.75
  Festival/C Grade - $1.35

Black Samsonite Chair.jpg

Black Samsonite

 White Chiavari
with seat cushion

  Black Chiavari
with seat cushion

  Gold Chiavari
with seat cushion

Fruitwood Chiavari
  with seat cushion

Tuscan Bentwood Chair.jpg

Tuscan Bentwood Cross Back

Gunmetal chair.jpg


Gold Chiavari barstool.jpg

Gold Chiavari Barstool

fruitwood Chiavari barstool.jpg

Fruitwood Chiavari Barstool


Black Chiavari Barstool

White Chiavari Barstool.jpg

White Chiavari Barstool

Black Bistro Barstool.jpg

Black Bistro Barstool
with Grey Cushion

Chrome Swivel Barstool.jpg

Chrome Swivel Barstool

Gun Metal Bar Stool.jpg

Gunmetal Barstool 

Walnut Barstool.jpg

Walnut Barstool

High Chair

Fruitwood 8' Bench.jpg

8' Fruitwood Farm Bench

30 Seat Bleacher.jpg

30 Seat Aluminum Bleacher

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